What is b1 b2 Visa? Difference between b1 and b2 visa, documents - The US Travel Guide (2024)

What is b1 b2 visa?

The B1 B2 visa is a temporary non-immigrant USA visa that allows foreign nationals to enter the U.S.A for a short duration. B1 visa is for business purpose while B2 visa is for pleasure. Sometimes US embassy will give you B1/B2 visa instead of B1 visa. So that you do not need a separate B2 visa.

What is the difference between b1 and b2 visa?

B1 is a business visa and b2 visa is for pleasure. B2 visa for those who are coming to the U.S.A as tourists or to visit friends or to visit relatives or for medical treatment. There are some similarities among these two visas like duration and some documents. There are other difference between b1 and b2 visa which i have explained in below topics. Go through all the topics to understand these b1 and b2 visa better.

How many times can i enter to USA with b1 b2 visa?

As your visa indicates M (multiple) entries, there is no specific limit.
you can enter, leave and re-enter as many times as you want, provided the immigration officer is satisfied with your reason to enter USA.

I would suggest not to stay more than 182 days a year in the USA. It would be like you stayed Half the year in the USA, which is not permitted on a B visa.

Every time you enter the USA, the CBP officer will ask you harder questions about your visit. You have to convince him that you are not trying to reside in the USA.

What is the validity of b1 b2 visa?

The US embassy will decides the validity of your visa. They can give you visa between 6 months to 10 years. In most of the cases they will give it for 10 years.

How long can a B1 B2 visa holder stay in the US?

The Customs and Border Protection(CBP) officer will decide the duration of your stay in US on arrival. The maximum duration of stay on a B1 B2 visa is 6 months. Your visa can expire while you are still in the U.S.A. You must not overstay the period permitted by the CBP office.

What is b1 b2 visa fees for USA?

The application fee for the most common non immigrant visa types is $160. This includes tourist, business, student, and exchange visas.

What are the requirements for applying b1 visa?

The applicant should do one of the following things in the United States of America:

  1. The applicant is going to attend conferences, educational, professional, or business events.
  2. The person is going to consult with business associates.
  3. The person is travelling for a scientific, educational, professional or business convention, or a conference on specific dates.
  4. The person will be in talk to settle an estate.
  5. The person will be working on negotiating a contract.
  6. The person will participating in short-term training.

B1 business Visa Eligibility Criteria.

You must proof the following to get a B-1 visa:

  1. The sole idea of your trip is to enter the United States for business of a legitimate nature.
  2. You must plan to remain for a specific limited period of time.
  3. You must have the funds to cover the expenses of the trip and your stay in the United States America.
  4. You must proof that you have residence outside of United States and you are not going to leave your resident country. You have no intention of settling in the United States.

B2 visitor Visa Eligibility Criteria

  • You have to prove that your visit will be temporary.
  • You have to prove that you have intention to return to your home country.
  • You must have a valid foreign passport.
  • You have to prove residence at your home country where you intend to return.
  • You have to prove that you can support yourself during your stay in the USA.

I have b1 visa, can i work in the USA for short time?

No, you are not supposed to work on B1 visa. If you are working then you are breaking laws. The purpose of B1 visa is only related to business.

I have b1 visa, can i take my family with me?

B1 visa is a non immigrant visa. With immigrant visa you can not sponsor anyone for USA.

You can apply B2 visitor visa for your family. Once they get b2 visitor visa they can accompany you while traveling to USA.

With b1 visa can i go anywhere in the USA?

Yes, of course. You can visit any part of USA. In fact should always plan for one or two week extra. So that after your business things gets over. You can go different places and enjoy beautiful places in the United States of America.

What are the documents required for b1 visa stamping and interview?

Mandatory documents required for us b1 b2 visa.

  • DS160 US Visa application confirmation page
  • Original passport with minimum six month validity.
  • All your old passports and visa.
  • One photograph as per specification suggested by US consulate.
  • Proof of fee payment.
  • Interview appointment letter from ustraveldocs.
  • Criminal history (optional).
  • Financial support( Optional).
  • Proof of intent to return home(Optional).

All the optional documents are to make your case strong.

For b1 visa interview and port of entry questions and answers. Please visit b1 visa interview and port of entry questions.

What Are The Things You Can Do With a B1 B2 Visa?

Here are the some of the things that you can do with B1 B2 visa.

  • You can perform research
  • Attend business meetings, negotiations, and investment and sales meetings.
  • If you are interested you may attend up to 18 hours per week of recreational lessons.
  • Bring along dependents like children (only for a B2 status)
  • You can attend seminars and conferences. But remember you are not supposed to earn college credits.
  • You are free to visit your family, friends and relatives.
  • you can participate in events or contests related to music or sports. But you are not supposed to receive payment.
  • You can get medical care.
  • You can plan and do some investments.
  • Complete in certain athletic competition.
  • You can be a Lecturers or speakers to U.S. campuses.

What are the things that you Can not Do With a B1 B2 Visa?

  • You are prohibited to perform as an entertainer and in professional sports.
  • You can not attend any school or university as a regular student.
  • You are prohibited to credits from seminars or conferences in college.
  • You can not work on B1 B2 visa.
What are the things that you Can not Do With a B2 Visa?
  • Enjoy your holiday in US.
  • You can go anywhere in US.
  • You are free to participate in social events hosted by various organizations.
  • You are free to visit your family, friends and relatives.
  • You can get medical care.
  • You can participate in events or contests related to music or sports. But you are not supposed to receive payment.
  • You can enroll yourself in short study courses for which you are not going to receive credits.

Steps to apply for a Tourist Visa or Business visa For USA

To apply for a Tourist Visa for USA you have to follow these simple steps:
  1. Fill and Submit Form DS-160.
  2. Create account in ustraveldocs.
  3. Pay b1 b2 visa fees in ustraveldocs.
  4. Next step is schedule your US B1 B2 visa interview.
  5. Collect all the mandatory documents mentioned above.
  6. Final step is to attend the interview.
What is b1 b2 Visa? Difference between b1 and b2 visa, documents - The US Travel Guide (2024)
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